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As I look around the room, I see a nice looking young man about 18 playing pool. I've never been with another man before, but have always been curious about how it would feel.

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He seems to be a pretty good pool player as he's been holding the table for a while. I continue to watch him play and notice he has a nice ass when My girlfriend maneuvered me into a night of group sex that was my first with a man, but not the last. A few months after my divorce I moved down the coast a short way from San Francisco, to a smallish town where I hoped to get some of the quiet I had long craved.

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The divorce had not been especially angry or bitter; after a while my wife and I simply had nothing to say to each other, and while we rarely argued, the long silences at had home become oppressive to us and to our teenage kids. I have known Tom forever, we are best friends and we are both married. Our wives get along fine but it is our friendship that is special. Tom is a lanky guy about 6foot 2 pounds always has a great tan and blond hair. My mane is Matt I am 5 foot 11 about pounds more My neighbor Mike is a good friend of mine.

We often hang out, play basketball and watch football on Sundays. I am married and my wife likes Mike so we all get along fine, but Mike and I are closer friends.

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Mike is 34 years old and is a big guy. He is about 6 foot 3 and weighs about pounds and very Black. He used to play football in college and is still in great shape. I am athletic but Hi, this is the story of how I got my first cock up my ass, and first cum all over my face. I had been giving Thomas regular blowjobs and handjobs for a while now. We had worked out a sort of a deal. He'd come over to mine twice a week and I would suck him off while he watched porn.

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In return I would get to play with whatever part of his body I liked, and cum on him, provided I lick it My dad had found a new job and the whole family, of course, had to move to a new location, a new house, a new State and, in my case, a new school. Next school year I would be a junior; I had fair grades coming out of my old school and, according to my father, could be accepted to good colleges.

I had started running cross country in my old school and had done well in competitions. All of that week after my encounter I was really unsettled about what I had let that gay black man do to me yet I have to admit that I ejaculated once in the bathroom at home as I recalled that weird episode. It was on a Friday after I went to the local park to play some B-ball. After the game I sat on the park bench near the street.

I have always considered myself straight, my entire life hasbeen consumed by woman, I am attracted to them, I want them, I desire them and I have sex with them.

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But and this is big but, I have always had a fascination with cocks, ever since the first time I saw one as a teenager in the locker room. I know as men we are not suppose to look at other guys cocks but I was fascinated by them.

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It all started very innocently, I stopped in to the local XXX theatre on my way home and quickly found a seat just off to the side of the almost empty theatre. As I sat down and pulled my zipper down I could feel his hand. The theatre was very dark and my eyes still had not adjusted. All I know is that it was the beginning of a wonderful bisexual relationship with a very hot and horny and After all, his family was the closest humans to us for miles around. For me, I got all the cock I need when I needed it.

But the trick is to not get caught having sex mainly […]. Now my guy wanted to come over one night after work so I said come on. Around about 10 pm he knocked on the door and I let him in. As he went in to shower I got on my bed naked. When he came to me he pulled out this sex toy from his […]. This is a true event between my former guy and me ….

I was over at his house like always doing some yard work for him, once I […]. A dull, working life that rarely gave me any excitement. Even my weekends were becoming uninspiring. Before I ramble on too long, […]. I am a paralyzed cross dresser that is wheelchair bound and after many years of suppressing my behind the scenes sex life I wanted to share my encounters with others.

I had a diving accident years ago and was fortunate to be able to be self sufficient, however not just a physical change was in […].

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Shortly after graduating from high school in May of I reluctantly succumbed to my parents annoying and increasingly frequent suggestion that I seek gainful employment. The pay was good and I got a pretty intense workout every day. The company was […].