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Downtown at lunchtime out on the public square I noticed many more men dressed for business than women. Since that modest start, the city government has tripled its commitment with two more centers. That was then, before recent elections. Today in the current mayor of Bogota is less supportive of LGBT programs and has not increased its funding. But this has not stopped the driving commitment of LGBT activism. LGBT community centers are such places and are making a positive impact on their lives.

These often include transgender or transsexual men; cases of solitary confinement for lesbian couples have been described as well. One of those cases in the city of Valledupar tragically resulted in suicide. The office follows the proposals made by current parliamentary candidates and analyzes how inclusive they are as well as evaluating their Twitter accounts with an algorithm to see if their social media accounts are inclusive or not.

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Caribe Affirma Caribe Affirma is another Colombian human rights organization, this one based in in Barranquilla, the northernmost province of Colombia. The city is known for its enormous Carnival, which brings together flamboyantly costumed performers, elaborate floats and cumbia music. Tragically, their former leader, Rolando Perez photo left was assassinated 11 years ago and his murder has still not yet been solved.

Most likely he was the victim of the Bloque Colombia mafia, or a sympathizer, for his outspoken demands for LGBT equality. Bloque has long sought to see homosexuality disappear from Colombia. He was passionate about social causes and an excellent teacher. After his death close friends decided to create Caribe Affirmative, as a social organization that defends the human rights of LGBTI people.

Since then, the organization has assisted LGBTI people who are victims of violence and their families in their criminal proceedings. It has also developed comprehensive training initiatives with a public prosecutor and police with a view to confronting the prejudices that may interfere with investigations and to identify cases of violence. Caribe Afirmativo works to see that all legal channels are used to investigate suspicious homophobic crimes. Machismo and Homophobia Ever present and pervasive is homophobic aggression against LGBT citizens, especially against lesbians who are felt to violate the machismo code of feminine submission.

Independent-minded lesbians do not subscribe to this second class status and resist the constraints that hold them back from equality of opportunity. They are more discriminated against than men. Mark Reynerus is a campaigner who tirelessly advocates for reform to allow gay couples to adopt children succeeded in his tireless efforts: As often is the case now, a well-educated, fair-minded judiciary looked beyond the emotional prejudice and saw the social injustice in the out-dated law and ruled on behalf of modern reason, reality and equality. It has helped that threats from the gang forces have laid down their arms.

But few people are educated enough to understand the different issues of sexual diversity. As a result, many voters opposed the inclusion of LGBT rights in the peace accord because of blind prejudice. Yet, the estimated 80 percent of Colombians who are Catholic are not highly welcoming of such input. That number jumps to 73 percent among transgender people. Colombia was tormented by conflict for decades so suspicion and mistrust are still in the air. Indeed, the opposite should rule: Needless to say, such gangs also disapprove of LGBT life. Those rights, as mentioned before, included property ownership and inheritance and marriage equality.

Gay Life in Colombia 2018

But he had never been threatened at gunpoint before, he said. LGBT Colombians have also been actively persecuted by armed groups that evolved from the historic conflicts. Some people even went so far as saying that the government wanted to impose a homosexual dictatorship, whatever that means. Effects of War Echoing other activists, Daniela Franco said that 50 years of bloody civil warfare including countless murderous drugs battles and dirty politics , began in the mids and contributed to the prejudice against gays today. Rape, theft, torture were common including excessive brutality against gays sex organs of gay males were routinely cut off.

Cruelty against gays was wrapped in socially approved machismo.

Medellin, Colombia: Nightlife in El Poblado and Carrera 70 (SUBTITULADO)[#16]

Marauding gangs of armed rebels and military vigilantes acted without control or authority against people considered enemies. Gays became tokens in the mix of war, politics and crime. Despite this ruling, homophobia was and is still widespread within these organizations. FARC guerrillas forced all men and women older than 12 to get tested for the virus. Those who tested positive, the majority of whom were LGBT, were forced to leave the demilitarized neutral war zone.

But in some cases, they allowed them to stay in exchange for sexual favors or to work as collaborators planning kidnappings, growing cocoa and committing extortion. It does include journalists, human rights activists and indigenous people. Nevertheless the peace accord signed in September explicitly recognized that LGBT people were victimized throughout the conflict.

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Large protests arose demanding resignation of the openly gay Education Minister Gina Parody. Most vocal protests we led by religious groups. Sexuality as an Anti -War Issue The first peace accord failed to pass in no small part because of the publicized distortions about gay marriage but a second more thoughtful and inclusive accord was approved by FARC and Congress several months later that ruled against the stigmatization of vulnerable groups including Afro-Colombians, indigenous populations, people with disabilities, members of the LGBT community and religious minorities.

Instead of eliminating protections, the law added safeguards to prevent the violation of the democratic system.

Colombia failing to stem murders of LGBT people - Reuters

But this completely ignored the fundamental truth of human sexual orientation that it is not a chosen belief or political position; it is intrinsically inborn like hair color. The number of attacks against LGBT individuals by armed organizations has not slowed since Marcela Sanchez, head of Colombia Diversa, said that while more state prosecutors had been trained in LGBT rights and appointed to investigate hate crimes and murders, most still went unpunished.

Colombia has made important gains on gay rights since , allowing same-sex couples to marry and adopt children, but campaigners say that could be put to the test when the new right-wing government of Ivan Duque takes over in August.


But his government is backed by conservative and evangelical groups that view homosexual acts as a sin and are gaining influence in the country. Please credit the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the charitable arm of Thomson Reuters, that covers humanitarian news, women's rights, trafficking, property rights, climate change and resilience. Visit news. Discover Thomson Reuters. Answers On Innovation Thomson Reuters. Directory of sites.